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Gartly Toddler Group

Looking for a fun and welcoming place for your little one to play and socialize with other toddlers? Look no further than the Gartly Toddler Playgroup!

Our parent-run playgroup meets every Tuesday morning from 10:15 to 11:45 am at the Gartly Community Hall, also known as the Tin Hut. Our sessions are open to all parents and caregivers with young children aged 0 to 4 years old. At Gartly Toddler Playgroup, we understand the importance of playtime for little ones. That's why we provide a variety of toys and activities to keep your child engaged and entertained. Our play sessions are informal and friendly, allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace while also developing social skills.

Our group is affordable too, with a cost of just £2 per adult per session. And with no long-term commitment required, you can drop in whenever it suits your schedule. But it's not just about the kids - at Gartly Toddler Playgroup, we believe in building a supportive community for parents and caregivers as well. Our sessions are a great opportunity to meet other families in the area, make new friends, and share tips and advice on parenting. So come join us for a morning of fun, play, and socializing at Gartly Toddler Playgroup.


For further details, please email us at


We can't wait to meet you and your little ones!

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