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At the heart of Gartly lies the vibrant Gartly Community Hall, affectionately known as The Tin Hut. A true community hub where residents come together for an array of fun and engaging activities. From being a lively music venue hosting the renowned Tin Hut Sessions with local and international musicians, to serving as a gathering space for community events and joyous celebrations, the hall embodies the spirit of unity and camaraderie in Gartly. With its ever-bustling calendar of events, the Gartly Community Hall stands tall as the beating heart of the village, keeping everyone in the loop about the exciting happenings and fostering a strong sense of togetherness among its residents.

Rebates for Music Teachers
Tin Hut Sessions

The Tin Hut Sessions are monthly music events which bring together local musicians in an intimate and collaborative setting, showcasing a diverse range of musical genres and fostering a vibrant music community in the region.

Building Blocks
Gartly Toddler Group

A friendly and informal parent-run playgroup designed to provide a nurturing and enjoyable environment for toddlers to explore, learn, and make new friends in the company of caring parents and caregivers.

Playing the Guitar
Tin Hut Concerts

The Tin Hut Concerts are a series of concerts featuring a lineup of talented musicians, both local and international, who captivate audiences with their diverse musical styles and energetic performances in the heart of the Scottish countryside.

Upcoming Events

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