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The Gartly School Bear

1 Jun 2023

Why Our Beloved Bear Needs a New Name: Introducing Gartly School Bear.

Why Our Beloved Bear Needs a New Name: Introducing Gartly School Bear

Greetings to all our wonderful community members! We are thrilled to introduce you to a special new friend who has found a loving home here at the Tin Hut. Many of you may remember this adorable Bear from your days at Gartly School. Unfortunately, due to the school's closure, our furry companion became homeless. However, thanks to the incredible kindness of Andy & Andrea Clarke, who chauffeured him in their beautiful 1935 Morris Sixteen Six, Bear now resides with us as our very own Tin Hut Bear! We couldn't be happier to welcome him into our family, but he deserves a proper name to match his unique personality. Today, we share his heartwarming story and begin the search for his perfect name. Join us in finding the ideal moniker for our cherished friend during future Hall events and Coffee Mornings – your creative ideas are much appreciated!

Bear's Journey

Our Bear has had quite the journey, with Gartly School being a significant part of his past. For those who remember him from those nostalgic days, his presence brings back fond memories. Sadly, when the school closed its doors, Bear found himself without a home. It was a heart wrenching moment for all who held him dear. However, hope shone through in the form of Andy & Andrea Clarke, who stepped in to save the day. With love and care, they made Bear's journey to the Tin Hut a memorable one, whisking him away in their classic 1935 Morris Sixteen Six. The kindness and warmth that Bear received from Andy and Andrea truly melted our hearts, and we are forever grateful for their compassion.

The Quest for a New Name

Now that Bear has found a new home at the Tin Hut, we can't continue calling him simply "Bear." He deserves a unique name that captures his spirit and the joy he brings to all of us. The search for the perfect name began at our Coffee Morning yesterday, where we gathered to celebrate Bear's arrival and share memories of our time with him at Gartly School. The brainstorming session brought forth some creative suggestions, but we believe the best name is yet to be discovered. That's where you come in – we invite each and every one of you to be part of this heartwarming quest. Share your name ideas with us at future Hall events and Coffee Mornings, and let's find the most fitting name for our lovable companion together.

Join the Search

We believe that the perfect name for our beloved Bear lies within the hearts of our community. As we come together to honor our shared past and create new memories at the Tin Hut, this search for Bear's new name is a celebration of our unity and love. Get your creative hats on, for your unique ideas will play a vital role in shaping Bear's future identity. Let's make this quest a fun and engaging experience, with the knowledge that every suggestion brings us closer to finding the name that truly suits our cherished friend.


In the heart of our community, a furry friend has found a new home and a loving family. We extend our deepest gratitude to Andy & Andrea Clarke for making this heartwarming reunion possible. But our work is not yet done – Bear needs a new name to match his unique spirit and the joy he brings to us all. Join us in this quest to find the perfect name for our dear Gartly School Bear. Share your creative ideas at future Hall events and Coffee Mornings, and together, let's embrace the magic of unity and create a name that will forever be etched in our hearts.

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